SCADA interface

What is a SCADA?
An IT system for monitoring and supervising data from a production process.

Why choose Elektron’s SCADA?
Our supervisors are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use to help manage any process.

Moreover, Elektron has, for years now, been certified as a Wonderware integrator, guaranteeing reliability of the tools and competencies of our operators.

The advantages of Elektron:
Data management
Unique collection point for incoming data, and centralisation of existing supervisors.
Creation of users with different intervention rights based on their remit or qualification.
Alarm control
Production under constant control, signalling the cause of the alarm, and sharing useful information for appropriate operator intervention.
Simple and easy-to-use graphics to assist the operator, facilitating choices to be made.
Smart solutions
Possibility of controlling your own process from wherever and at whatever point in time.
Industry 4.0
Thanks to our technologies, your company will be able to join the Industry 4.0 era.