PLC programming

What is a PLC?
A programmable logic controller capable of executing a program, processing digital and analogue signals from sensors and actuators.

Why choose Elektron’s program and PLC?
With over 20 years’ experience in programming in various segments, Elektron provides the most cutting-edge selection the market has to offer.

The advantages of Elektron:
Command interface with simple and clear graphics, designed to command the line or machine in the best way possible.
Our program is the fruit of training and interaction with our clients. Also, thanks to our partners, Elektron is delivering the highest technological standards to market.
Professional security
From installation to final inspection, we ensure you will achieve the objective you have set.
Alarm control
Production under constant control, signalling the cause of the alarm, and sharing useful information for appropriate intervention by the operator.
Off-market parts
Elektron has many off-market parts, so the process at a given company does not come to a halt due to obsolete systems – while looking ahead to future revamping.
Industry 4.0
Thanks to our technologies your company can join the Industry 4.0 era.