MES systems

What is a MES system?
It is a computerised system, applicable to manufacturing, for tracking and documenting raw materials being transformed into the final product, improving performances throughout the plant.

MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System, and is a software system which positions itself between the ERP systems and SCADA systems.

Why trust Elektron technology?
When you place your trust in us, you will have a team of experts at your side, ready to guide you as you choose the best option for achieving your objective in respect of Industry 4.0

Moreover, Elektron has, for years now, been a certified Wonderware integrator, with a view to guaranteeing the reliability of our operators’ tools and competencies.

The advantages of Elektron:
Total control
Monitoring of production indices.
Increased performance
Our technical staff analyse the process in all its detail, aiming to reduce down time, as well as deriving maximum output from the whole facility.
Work plan
Planning or modifying production, speeding up management of resources, aiming to reduce production down time to a minimum.
Custom configuration
Graphs and reports for analysing and historically logging line performance and efficiency values.
The route taken by raw materials, and their final destination, semi-finished products and final products.
Operational guide
Limiting operator errors using the best option for the process.
ERP communication
From administration to production line, rapid communication throughout all the departments at your company.
Industry 4.0
Thanks to our technologies, your company can join the Industry 4.0 era.